Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming: Python

I'm the first author of an interactive, adaptive textbook for CSE 6, a new fully-online introductory computer science course that will be offered at campuses across the University of California. The text embraces an active-learning approach that challenges students to think critically and diagnose their own learning breakdowns.


Scriptor uses speech-to-text technology to process and index the UC San Diego Podcast System, allowing students to search for keywords and instantly be presented with precise timestamps in podcasts that match the information they want. Scriptor wraps this in a personalized interface, allowing users to favorite, save history, and more.


Virtus is a scalable solution for personalized education that makes virtual office hours more productive and efficient for students and instructors. Instructors can register their class, set up a broadcast, and host office hours remotely. Students can then join the stream, submit questions to the instructor, and collaborate with other students in a chatroom. Virtus is driving personalized education without the limitations of a physical room.


  • Education

    Adaptive, interactive, and scalable course material + technologies.

  • Distributed Systems

    Hyper-scalable systems deployed on the cloud.

  • Bioinformatics

    De novo assembly, phylogenetic analysis, and genome annotation.

  • Data Analytics

    Efficient monitoring, aggregation, and reporting of large-scale data.