Curriculum Vitae

Sabeel Mansuri

Fremont, CA



University of California, San Diego

B.S. in Computer Science: Bioinformatics

Summa Cum Laude & Phi Beta Kappa
Excellence in Teaching


Jul '20 - Present

Software Engineer

Amazon Web Services

I help build hyper-scalable distributed networking systems that underline the core of EC2 VPC. In addition to developing core packet processing logic, I specialize in monitoring and data metrics.

Jun '20 - Oct '20

Instructional Assistant

Computer Science & Engineering Department @ UC San Diego

I use data-driven methods to create tailored feedback and workflows for implementing remote instruction. I also serve as a point of contact for resolving e-learning challenges.

Apr '20 - Jun '20

Head Tutor

Computer Science & Engineering Department @ UC San Diego

I served as the head tutor for CSE 100 - Advanced Data Structures. My responsibilities included designing all quiz, midterm, and final exam material, holding 1:1 tutoring sessions to diagnose students' learning breakdowns, and leveraging various educational platforms to create a seamless grading pipeline.

Jan '20 - Jun '20

Research Lead

University of California, San Diego

I led a team of students who research the applications of computer science in developing educational tools. We actively implemented new pedagogical techniques in local high school classrooms to determine their efficacy.

Jun '19 - Sep '19

Software Engineer Intern

I worked on the Amazon Family team to redesign and refactor a machine-learning product recommendation tool. I implemented an extensible full-stack design that opened the software to all teams across Amazon, allowing users to input abstract customer behavior to view product rankings specific to their team.

Jan '18 - Jun '19

Computational Research Assistant

Scripps Institute of Oceanography

I worked exclusively on analyzing genetic data, with an emphasis on de novo assembly. I developed Python pipelines for processing genomic datasets, designed shell scripts for optimizing workflows, and assembled Antarctic DNA using state-of-the-art bioinformatics techniques.

Jul '18 - Mar '19

Product Management Intern


I served a swiss-army-knife role at Bravado, performing ideation & design sandboxing for major product releases, full-stack web development, and cross-platform quality assurance engineering. I helped perform a data-driven UX overhaul for new user onboarding and a search autocomplete optimization with a 90% speed-up.


Software Engineering

React + Python


Best Software Engineering Project, Spring 2019

Scriptor is a solution for streamlining studying at the University of California, San Diego. Scriptor uses speech-to-text technology to process and index the UC San Diego Podcast System. This allows students to search for keywords and instantly be presented with precise timestamps in podcasts that match the information they want, efficiently parsing through a vast database so students don't have to. Scriptor wraps this functionality with a personalized interface, allowing users to favorite, save their history, and more.

View the Scriptor codebase.

React + Firebase


Winner - SD Hacks 2019

Virtus is a scalable solution for personalized education that makes virtual office hours more productive and efficient for students and instructors. Instructors can register their class, set up a broadcast, and host office hours remotely. Students can then join the stream, submit questions to the instructor, and collaborate with other students in a chatroom, gaining a personalized education without the limitations of a physical room.

Learn more about Virtus.


Feb '20 + Present

CSE 6: Intro. to Comp. Sci. & OOP: Python

I'm currently writing an interactive, adaptive textbook for CSE 6, a new fully-online introductory computer science course that will be offered at campuses across the University of California. It embraces an active-learning approach that challenges students to think critically and diagnose their own learning breakdowns.

View the interactive textbook here.

Jan '20 + Jun '20

CSE 199: Development of Novel Educational Techniques

In partnership with IEEE - Eta Kappa Nu, I founded and led an accredited, four-unit course at UC San Diego for conducting education research. The poster we presented on our initiative at the 13th Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Southwest Region Conference is linked below.

What to do after AP CS? A case study on short technical modules for post-AP-exam high school students
Sabeel Mansuri, Hannah Zhou, Hemanth Battu, Alex Fong, Tiffany Ho, Eric Xiao, Niema Moshiri

May '19 + Mar '20

Introduction to Adversarial Search

I was the lead author of a mini-course for AP Computer Science students that used an active-learning approach to teaching artificial intelligence. Students learn object-oriented programming principles, Minimax, and complete the course by building their own rational Tic-Tac-Toe bot.

Take my course (for free!).


Markdown + EC2

Bioinformatics Crash Course

The Bioinformatics Crash Course is a year-long introductory sequence of lessons intended to introduce aspiring bioinformaticians to practical, lab-applicable skills. For years, it has served as students' first exposure to bioinformatics due to the current lack of an introductory bioinformatics series at UC San Diego.

The Crash Course is fully open-source and available online.


Oxford-Nanopore Genome Assembly

Oxford-Nanopore sequencing, which is slowly moving towards becoming the new standard for genome sequencing, was in its infancy when I was given an opportunity to perform a de novo assembly. After successfully assembling the genome of a local swamp bacteria, I published a tutorial on how to process, assemble, and annotate Oxford-Nanopore data.

A step-by-step assembly is published here.


Introduction to Epigenomics

I co-authored an introductory bioinformatics-driven lesson on epigenomics, which is the analysis of gene expression that is not attributable to the DNA sequence of a genome. It covers core epigenomic modifications and analysis techniques. It is intentionally written to accessible to novice learners with little prior knowledge and, like the Bioinformatics Crash Course above, introduce students to the field.

The lesson is available here.


IEEE - Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)


HKN is the official honors society of the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego. I served as an officer from 2019-2020, founding HKN's Computer Science Outreach division. We connected local high schools with the resources and opportunities offered at UC San Diego. We also facilitated remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undergraduate Bioinformatics Club (UBIC)

Ambassador and Crash Course Developer

UBIC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to furthering bioinformatics initiatives at UC San Diego. From 2017-2018, I was the main contact point for recruiting industry and academia representatives. From 2018-2020, I developed and offered the Bioinformatics Crash Course to hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students.